Vernon's Salty Shrimp Fly
HookGamakatsu SC15 sz. 1/0
ThreadUni. thread brown 3/0
Eye25# Mason: burn ends & blacken with a blk. Sharpie, add red bead and epoxy
TailTwo sets matched and splayed Tan Saddle Hackles ¾ to 1 inch long (Wapsi Saltwater Saddle #041)
BodyRootbeer ice chenille/estaz medium palmered forward
WeedguardMetz Weed Guard Stainless (see packaging)
AccentUV Tan Krystal Flash 7or 8 fibers (Wapsi # 441)
Legs(2) Tan Grizzly saddle hackles palmered forward (Wapsi Saltwater Saddle #041)