Vernon's Red Rodeo Minnow Fly
HookGamakatsu SC15 sz. 1/0
ThreadUni. thread brown 3/0
EyeWapsi original lead eyes size small: 1/40 oz.
TailTwo sets matched and splayed Brown Saddle Hackles ¾ to 1 inch long (Wapsi Saltwater Saddle #047)
CollarGolden Brown Deer Hair lightly spun untrimmed (Wapsi Deer Body Hair #050)
Body(2) Brown Grizzly saddle hackles palmered forward (Wapsi Saltwater Saddle #047)
AccentCopper Krystal flash 6 or 8 strands divided on either side of tail
HeadGolden Brown Deer Hair trimmed slider style (Wapsi Deer Body Hair #050)