Vernon's Killer Kwan (Rust) Fly
HookGamakatsu SL113H sz. 1
ThreadUni. thread brown 3/0
EyeGold Bead Chain sz. 1/8
TailCraft Fur, rust banded with a brown Sharpie marker
Collar(1) Brown Schlappen feather, webby parts palmered forward
Body(6) Aunt Lydias Craft Yarn strands tan and brown variegated, figure eighted in place and trimmed round
AccentGold Krystal flash 6 or 8 strands divided on either side of tail
LegsWapsi sili legs fire tip #339: pumpkin/orange tip
Weedguard25# Mason bent in a V, whipped in at eye & banded with a blk. Sharpie