Vernon's Habanero Popper Fly
HookTiemco 411S sz. 1/0 (you could use the Gam. SP11-3L3H with the eye bent up)
ThreadUni. thread brown 3/0
Eye25# Mason: burn ends & blacken with a blk. Sharpie, add red bead and epoxy
TailCraft Fur, rust banded with a brown Sharpie marker
RattleWapsi standard round ended 4mm glass
BodyRootbeer ice chenille/estaz medium palmered forward
Weedguard25# Mason bent in a V, whipped in at eye & banded with a blk. Sharpie
AccentCopper Krystal Flash 7or 8 fibers
LegsBrown Grizzly saddle hackles palmered forward (Wapsi Saltwater Saddle #047)
BackLoco Foam: gold back/yellow belly (Metz)