Meet Captain Seth

About The Captain

Occupation Professional Fishing Guide, Casting Instructor, Fly Tier, Photographer, Film maker and Storyteller
Hometown Houston, TX
Education Graduate of Appalachian State University where Seth mostly studied trout and what they ate.
Passions Family, Fly fishing, Coffee, Bourbon, Maps, History and the Next Frontier.
Favorite Places
59°15'25.12"N 160°11'50.37"W Alaska
25°19'49.71"N 80°57'53.93"W Florida
19°34'30.86"N 87°34'6.57"W Mexico

Look them up and you'll see why!

Q & A with Captain Seth Vernon

If not guiding what occupation would you want to try?

I'd want to be a writer or musician.

Where have you not fished that you would like to wet a line?

Castro's back yard...

Why Double Haul?

Double Hauling is the fundamental technique that propels an angler's abilities to the next level. With enough money anyone can hire the best guides, buy the best gear and travel to the most exotic destinations. However, if they cannot get the fly in front of the fish they are doomed. The Double Haul allows the angler to unlock the explosive power that the rod has for speed, accuracy and distance. In saltwater it is the difference between shaming fish and getting shamed by one.

What fuels your enthusiasm as a guide?

It's simple: fish live in beautiful places and I feel a "tractor beam"-like pull to seek out new waters and angling opportunities.

What was the closest call in your career?

Being charged by a plus sized mama Brown Bear with three cubs while guiding in Alaska. That one definitely qualifies as an "oh $h!# " moment.

If you could pick one person to fish with tomorrow who would it be?

Ollie Smith...he's authentic, humble and the dude can fish.