Fishing is one of those exceptional pursuits like mountain climbing, surfing or paddling in which two schools of thought exist among the diverse crowd of folks who pursue these passions.

One school believes that roughing it, complete with camp fires, sleeping on the ground or getting stung by jellyfish is all part of the grand experiment that we call outdoor sport. The bumps and unexpected turns in the pursuit enhance the experience. I sometimes find myself unwittingly fulfilling this rung on the ladder. Others, I have learned, apply their time, energy and equipment to create a oneness with the natural surroundings and go into the world "smoothing it". Just as a climber ascends effortlessly up a rock face, or a surfer carves a line in a fourteen foot wave, the fly angler casts 80 feet of line to a tailing fish and presents the fly with the softness of a butterfly landing on the water - then the take!

For me, this is my passion and I am fortunate to have friends and sponsors that continually inspire me to do better...

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