Flies and Gear

Fishing is cheaper than therapy and our results are better! All equipment and tackle is provided for your trip, spin or fly. If you would like to bring your own equipment talk to your guide to make sure the line and rod weight will match that of your quarry. If using your own gear, please have it rigged up before the trip — it will save time and expedite our fishing.


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Vernon's Habanero Popper Fly Vernon's Jalapeño Popper Fly Vernon's Salty Shrimp Fly Vernon's Killer Kwan (Rust) Fly Vernon's Killer Kwan (Sand) Fly Vernon's Red Rodeo Minnow Fly Vernon's Cape Fur Shrimp Fly


The fish have a tremendous advantage, so having the right gear is critical. If you plan to bring your own, take a look below for suggested outfits. Targeted species and line/leader combinations are also provided.

Rod Weight Rod Action Fly Line Leader Length / Test Suitable Species About the Rig


Medium, Fast Weight forward floating 9' / 12-20lbs Redfish Excellent for calm, slick days when fish are sensitive and require soft presentation.
Medium, Fast 350 grain (or greater) Intermediate, sink tip 9' / 12-16lbs Spotted Sea Trout, Flounder Delivers the fly lower in the feeding column and provides plenty of power without compromising presentation.


Fast Weight forward floating 9' / 12-16lbs Redfish, Bluefish, TripleTail The workhorse combination for casting a variety of flies in both calm and windy conditions.
Fast 350 grain (or greater) Intermediate, sink tip 7'6" - 9' / 16-20lbs Spotted Sea trout, Striped Bass Perfect for chasing larger species holding lower in the water without sacrificing control and accuracy.


Medium, Fast Weight forward floating 9' / 16-20lbs Redfish, Bluefish Predominantly used in heavy wind conditions or when casting large top-water flies.
Fast 450 grain (or greater) Intermediate, sink tip 9' / 16-20lbs Striped Bass Providing more strength and fighting power, this outfit is a solid performer when enticing large fish on the bottom.


Fast Weight forward floating 9' / 20lbs Steel Braided Tarpon, Sharks Reserved for the largest species when you need plenty of brawn to land a monster fish.
Reel Advice All rods should be balanced with a salt-water reel, matching your rod weight and including at least 200 yards of 20 to 30lb backing. Disc systems with a variable drag are essential to give the angler the best opportunity to play a fish regardless of its size. Capt Seth uses the finest Scott Fly Rods matched with Nautilus Fly Reels.