Be Prepared

These days all you need is a credit card to book the finest lodges, guides and purchase the best equipment on the planet. However, you can't buy the last fifty feet of distance between you and a tailing redfish or busting seatrout. Be Prepared, the boy scouts understand this...

Here's a brief list and some pointers to aid you in your preparation for your trip. The more we plan, the better our trip will be.

Item Description
Polarized Sunglasses Vermillion for sight fishing-Brown/Amber for inshore fishing.
Hat A dark underbrim will reduce glare.
Sun Protection UPF 35 or better sunscreen. Buff Headwear & or Sun Gloves. No spray sunscreens.
Clothing Breathable & quick dry. Avoid bright colors.
Shoes Wading boots for tailing tides. No black soled shoes. Deck or tennis shoes/sandals.
Rain Gear Even when the forecast calls for sun...Murphy's law states that if you don't bring it, it will rain.
Camera Waterproof bag and spare memory cards/battery.
Fishing License you will need a res or non res Coastal Recreational Fishing License.